Whoopi Gives Sick Excuse to Cover for Liberal Rapist Roman Polanski

The victims of sexual abuse perpetrated by Hollywood’s stars and directors have been resigned to a limbo of emotional and physical trauma because of an army of enablers or others who turned a blind eye to the evil being done to them.

Harvey Weinstein’s reign of sadism, over thirty years of inhumanity, received a token 30 seconds of faux rage by the Left, but then the despicable liberals immediately moved on with Hillary Clinton saying we have a “sexual predator-in-chief” in the White House and others saying all of the criticism of Weinstein is just piling on.

This behavior by the Left is well rooted in the past.

(“I can see the police coming for me!”)

As far back as 2002, rapist of minors Roman Polanski, who was a highly praised movie director, was defended by Hollywood. When he won an Academy Award for his film “The Pianist”, Polanski got a standing ovation by the crowd of actors and directors. In the late 1970s, Polanski was accused of raping then 13 year-old Samantha Geimer and had to flee the country before being arrested.


In 2009, the Left’s acceptance of human predators like Polanski, continued with washed up comedian and bag-of-hate Whoopi Goldberg excusing Polanski’s sexual assault as not “rape-rape”, reports GotNews.

“I know it wasn’t rape-rape,” Goldberg said on ‘The View’, “It was something else, but I don’t believe it was rape-rape.”

Goldberg is an idiot, plain and simple. The very actions of rape either make it so or it does not. There is no grey area with rape. Goldberg’s asinine assertion is almost as ludicrous as Bill Clinton’s microscopic parsing of “what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

Evil tries to hide behind a screen of legitimacy and when it cannot, it tries to obfuscate the perception of its wrongs behind ambiguities and pseudo-legal definitions.

Goldberg should be ashamed of herself, but she won’t because that requires a soul.

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