Watch Former Mexican Pres. Vicente Fox Demoralize Draft Dodger Donald Trump in Viral Video [Watch Here]

Donald Trump has done a great job of infuriating America’s neighbors to the north, south, and across the pond.  His isolationist agenda is disgusting to watch.  When he decided to withdraw from the Paris Accord, he burned an extraordinary number of bridges.  Needless to say, Americans need him out to begin the restoration process of America’s image.

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox hasn’t shied away from trashing Trump during his disastrous presidency.  Early in Trump’s presidency, Donald claimed that Mexico would pay for his failed big, beautiful border wall.

Fox tweeted:

A new video created by Super Deluxe features Vicente taking another shot at Trump.  Fox demoralizes draft dodger Donald Trump and tells him to quit before he causes the world any more harm.

He criticizes Trump for his bad temper.  It’s never a good idea for a world leader to have a bad temper.  World history has already taught us what happens when someone with anger issues is in charge.

The highlight of the video is when he suggests for baby Trump to store cookies next to the nuclear suitcase.  That way if Trump does throw a tantrum, he can eat cookies to pacify himself.

Watch the full clip below:

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