Twitter Just Dropped the Hammer on Trump, Prepare for a Trump Conniption in 3…2…1…

If Donald Trump didn’t bring so much traffic to Twitter’s platform, the operators would have banned him a long time ago.  People have surely been banned for much less.  Donald Trump steadily attacks women, world leaders, promotes violence and spreads his rhetoric thick.

In his most recent controversial tweet, he posted a modified video of himself beating up CNN.  He found the video on Reddit and reposted it to his account.

According to a CNN report, Twitter reviewed the tweet to verify if any of its policies were violated.  Twitter considered three factors before making a final decision: the political context of the discussion surrounding the tweet, the various ways it could be interpreted and the absence of details in the tweet.

Twitter’s terms state that users can be suspended for making violent threats, racial attacks, attacks on religion, gender-based attacks or “targeted abuse or harassment of others.”

So what did Twitter decide?  Well, everyone knows that Trump regularly harasses people.  He attacked the Mayor of London during a terrorist attack and didn’t get banned.  Yet again, Twitter decided not to punish Donald Trump.

In a way, Twitter is to blame for all of Trump’s tweeting.  He’s their cash cow, so they let him say whatever he wants.

Do you blame Twitter?

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