SCOOP: California Wildfires Were Man Made — Authorities Suspect THIS Group

If the report is true, that the massive forest fires gutting California may be the result of Mexican cartel members targeting cultivating areas for marijuana, than we may have major diplomatic problems with our neighbor to the south.

According to GotNews, “Law enforcement authorities – including senior Department of Homeland Security officials – and key people within the legal marijuana business quickly noticed that the areas hit hardest by the fires are the same places that California’s marijuana industry legally grows cannabis, and are now starting to suspect foul play.”

The fires have decimated 200,000 acres of forest in the Golden State, killed 40 people, and have caused 100,000 people to flee their homes. There are still scores of people missing.

In 2009, a crew of workers for a Mexican cartel was responsible for a fire in Santa Barbara’s Los Padres National park that burned just under 200 acres. Time reported that the group had squatted in the park and a campfire had ignited the blaze.

The current conflagration centers on an area known as the Emerald Triangle and is a well-known cannabis production area and occurred at a time when the legal recreational use of marijuana was set to kick off, writes CNN Money.

The loss of cannabis crops is complicated because there are no current insurance policies to protect from such losses, so the hit may be long-term unless policies change.

Fires intentionally set by foreign criminal syndicates would outrage the American people and could lead to a surge in support for Trump’s proposed crackdown on illegal immigration and his promise of a wall along the southern border.

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