Hillary Tries to Compare Trump to Weinstein — Sheriff Clarke Punches Back with BRUTAL Reply

After paying token outrage to the perversity and sexual predatory behavior of Hollywood poster boy Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton quickly shifted to labeling the President a misogynist monster worse than her friend Weinstein.

In what may be the greatest bold political lie in the 21st Century, Hillary is on record as saying of Trump, “We have an admitted sexual assaulter in the White House.”

Based on her last actions with a sexual assaulter as President, her husband, Hillary should be defending Trump while using a war room to find and silence his accusers.

Former Sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, David Clarke, slammed Hillary as an arrogant hypocrite, writes the Lutchman Report.

“If there’s one person in the United States of America, maybe in the world, who has no respect for the victims of sexual assault…it’s Mrs. Bill Clinton,” said Clarke.

Clarke is spot on and, if anything, may be underselling the heinous behavior of her husband that elicited equally heinous acts she carried out against the same women Bill victimized.

Hillary obviously forgets that her husband confessed to preying on White House intern Monica Lewinsky, his affair with Gennifer Flowers, his rape of Juanita Broaddrick, his assault on Paula Jones and the scores of others Bill has abused. She obviously  failed to remember how her husband was impeached for his behavior.

Bill and Hillary’s actions far surpass anything Trump has been smeared with and for her to try and disassociate her hubby from the perversity of Weinstein and transpose it on Trump is a sickening political slight of hand.



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