Gun Toting Thug Shows Up to Rob Convenience Store — Immediately Gets the Surprise of His Life!

To protect their voters, Democrats might want to get the word out that legal gun ownership has not been outlawed yet. Surely, the Left does not want to see its base, like the armed thug below, made an inactive voter due to several well-placed rounds to the head or chest?

A bit after 10 pm on September 28, 2017, a masked gun man is videotaped by store cameras approaching a Smoke 4 Less store in Durham, NC, gun in hand, reports Right Scoop.

He enters with the gun raised but only takes about four steps inside before coming under fire from the store clerk. The would-be thief ducks down, fires a few rounds back and then flees.

The clerk appears to be unharmed and the thief was last seen running north to be soothed by either Al Sharpton or Eric Holder.

The next time an empty-headed liberal promotes gun control, think about what might have happened to that clerk if he was not able to defend himself.

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