FBI Agents and Bureau Employees Wear “COMEY IS MY HOMEY” T-Shirts In Support of Their Former Director

At least a dozen FBI employees and their guests wore “Comey Is My Homey” t-shirts to the bureau’s Family Day in Washington on Friday in a show of support for former FBI Director James Comey, who was fired in May by Donald Trump. On social media, #ComeyIsMyHomey brought some attention to the quiet protest.

Family Day is an annual event for employees and their families to visit the FBI and take part in activities (including SWAT demonstrations), as well as to showcase divisions within the agency.

Trump called Comey “an unpopular and ineffective leader of the FBI.” But this unscheduled display of affection for the ousted chief demonstrates that many still support him.

One supporter tweeted, “Come on Jim Comey. We need you man! Lordy, we need you!”

Many within the bureau were alarmed at Trump’s dismissal of Comey. Bobby Chacon, a former FBI agent, said the decision was like a “punch in the stomach to agents.”

“I myself—and I would speak for a lot of agents—feel very disrespected by the administration and how this was handled,” he told the Guardian.

Other former agents said the way Comey was fired was an “outrage” and said that the Trump administration’s approach “besmirches the reputation of the FBI.”

The back of some shirts included a quote that was attributed to Comey: “We choose to do good for a living.”

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