BURN! Don Jr Just SCORCHED Jane Fonda with One EPIC Tweet

It needs to be explained in painful detail why an air-head, exercise guru turned actress needs to be listened to for ideological guidance. Throw in the incidents of outright support for our foreign enemies during times of war and one should be left with no justification for promoting the inane ramblings of a has been hippie.

Jane Fonda, who probably surprises and disappoints people by being alive and well among us, has once again her ill-deserved fame to slam this nation, but she had to flee to the British Broadcasting Corporation to say it. Oh, how brave.

The Daily Wire records Fonda being asked by a BBC reporter if she was ‘proud of her country’.

Channeling the spirit of Michelle Obama, Fonda quickly replies, “No!”

She followed up her one syllable expression of hatred with, “But, I’m proud of the resistance. I’m proud of the people who are turning out in unprecedented numbers and continue over and over and over again to protest what Trump is doing. I’m very proud of them, that core.”

We should all note that. She is proud of the Antifa thugs who are beating down Trump supporters, she is encouraged by the Berkeley hooligans who chase people of a different opinion off college campuses and she seems to relish in the terroristic threats leveled against Trump by Hollywood imbeciles.

It did not take Donald Trump Jr. long to reply with words that reflect how the majority of Americans feel.

Trump Jr. posted to Twitter, “Darn, we lost ‘Hanoi Jane’… again. I’m not sure how real hardworking Americans will be able to cope.”

The President and his son know in their hearts that the ‘real hardworking Americans’ are not Fonda Jane.

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