BOMBSHELL Discovery About Missing Las Vegas Security Guard

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer has been a diligent pursuer of the truth in regards to uncovering information regarding the October 1 Las Vegas shooting of concert goers (and possibly hotel guests along the Strip).

One key aspect of the shooting, that being the role played by Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino security guard Jesus “Jose” Campos, has been pursued relentlessly by Loomer.

GotNews reports that Campos, who is being credited with confronting suspect Stephen Craig Paddock either before or during his shooting spree, was set to talk with the press about what happened, but on October 12 he disappeared.

Loomer now reports that Campos was a recent hire for the hotel. This information was not garnered from an employee database, because that had been ‘scrubbed’ clean to erase all records of Campos.

The news was delivered to Loomer by investigators.

“Sources in intelligence and law enforcement have provided me with a comprehensive report on Jesus Campos. His employment history shows that at the time of the shooting, he had only been an employee of Mandalay Bay for three months.”

Why was a new hire’s record deleted from an employee database? Why has no video of Campos’ encounter with Paddock been released? And where is Campos, who could have helped clear up a timeline that changes every three days?

Loomer is quoted by GotNews as saying, “Given the fact that he was reportedly the last person to see Stephen Paddock alive and is now under a gag order, his short term employment is rather suspicious. I will continue releasing information about Jesus Campos and other key figures in the investigation since law enforcement and the mainstream media have refused to.”

Reporters like Loomer had best be careful. They are poking around in the black world of the Deep State and that could be fatal.